Waterproof tracts are the latest innovation to hit the GLOW lineup. They’re now available for eight of our English tract titles, found below. Check them out and be one of the first to order them! Each tract that’s printed on waterproof paper has the waterproof symbol – seen at right – printed at the top of the tract.

To purchase the waterproof versions of these tracts, choose the “Waterproof” option next to paper choices after clicking “select options”.

While most people like to believe that they are really good people, an honest assessment would yield the opposite conclusion. Our hearts are desperately sinful and hopelessly deceptive. No treatment can cure us–we need a heart transplant.

Rich Kollenberg speaks from personal experience: no one has to live with overpowering addiction! A recovered drug addict himself, Rich simply explains addiction and a few of its root causes.

Where does human intelligence come from? And does it survive after the body dies? This tract traces the biblical evidence to discover the answers.

God wants us to have abundant, healthy lives! This handy tract shares 8 simple steps to better health.

What is Jesus doing Now? takes a look at the ministry of Jesus right now.

Planet earth is in trouble! One day, freedom will be a thing of the past as governments enforce the mark of the beast. But the mark of the beast is not a technological wonder–instead, it is a deception that many will miss.

Why does a good, all-powerful God allow suffering? This concise study outlines how love depends on the ability to freely choose, and that free will has resulted in some choosing evil–Which results in suffering.

Why go to church on Saturday? Isn’t that the wrong day? This handy sharing pamphlet gives three excellent answers to that question!