GLOW 365 Challenge

The GLOW 365 challenge is as easy as it sounds. Your challenge is to distribute one tract each day for a year, for a total of 365 tracts.


1: Choose one or both challenges

The GLOW 365 Challenge or the GLOW Holiday Challenge. Or go big and do both at the same time! It saves money and you reach more people at the same time. That’s a win-win.

Find out more about the GLOW Holiday Challenge or compare them here.


2: Sign up and get your tracts

You can start your challenge(s) by adding the appropriate item to your cart on our online store. Here’s the links to take you directly where you want to go:

GLOW 365 Challenge  |  GLOW Holiday Challenge  |  365 + Holiday Challenge


3: Get two friends to join you

Doing something great is always better with a friend! Use the share buttons at the right to share via social media. Tag at least two friends who you’d like to nominate to take the challenge with you.

Use #glow365challenge and #glowholidaychallenge to connect with others who are joining.

Take the Challenge

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