Mission 365 is a challenge for every believer to be involved in sharing hope and certainty through tracts and books every day of the year. It’s easy to participate! We are encouraged to hand out at least one GLOW tract each day, and at least one Missionary book of the year each week for one year. With everyone working together, the goal is to reach one billion people worldwide in 2017.

“When you give out a GLOW tract, when you give out a book, it will make a difference for eternity in somebody’s life.”  -Mark Finley

We encourage you to participate in this exciting push to reach the world with the gospel, and make it a daily habit to be intentional about sharing the hope we have in Jesus. The video to the right is a great resource to encourage you, your friends, and your church to be involved in Mission 365.

About the Literature

A special GLOW Tract has been written to be used with Mission 365 initiative, titled Certainty in an Uncertain World.Written by Mark Finley, it shows where we can put our trust in a world that’s falling apart. On the back panel, in addition to Bible studies, it offers a chance to get the Missionary book of the year.

This year’s Missionary book of the Year is titled Story of Hope. It’s an abridged version of the book Story of Redemption. It gives an overview of the plan of salvation from beginning to end.

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GLOW Tracts              50                   100                500

Story of Hope             5                     15                  50

Value                           $12.45            $34.85           $124.50

Monthly Cost              $12.00           $25.00            $75.00

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